Faith Begins At Home

A book for parents that inspires, motivates and equips them to pass on their faith in God to their children.
Take it Home
Take It Home

Helps congregations launch a faith-at-home-movement in their congregation through a leadership summit, five-week sermon series and thirteen Take It Home outlines.
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Building Faith at Home
Building Faith At Home

A book for pastors that challenges them to make faith at home one of the top priorities in their church.

Rev. Mark HolmenRev. Mark Holmen
Rev. Mark Holmen is a national and international consultant and speaker for the "Faith At Home" movement that equips congregations to make the home the primary place where faith is nurtured. Mark served as the Senior Pastor of Ventura Missionary Church until recently when he stepped down in order to pursue full-time Faith At Home ministry. Mark and his wife Maria have been married for over 18 years and have a daughter, Malyn.
For more information on how you can help support Mark and his family as they step out in faith and become full time missionaries click here.
To find out more about what God is doing through the Faith At Home movement click here.

Mark Holmen, "Family Ministry vs. Faith At Home"

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(Full version of this video segment on the DVD included with Take It Home)

Dave Teixeira
Dave has served as Children, Youth and Family Pastor at Ventura Missionary Church, and recently became Senior Pastor. He also speaks around the country on the Faith at Home movement and co-authored "Take it Home," a resource to help churches begin a Faith at Home ministry. Dave and his wife, Amy, have two children, Skylar and Daxton.


Mark Holmen, "6 Keys For Becoming a Faith at Home Driven Church"

PowerPoint Downloads:
PowerpointThe Child Makeover PowerpointThe Home Makeover
PowerpointThe Family Makeover PowerpointThe Extended Family Makeover
PowerpointThe Church Makeover PowerpointFaith at Home Leadership Summit

Dave Teixeira, "What Your Families Need" ( Full version of this video segment on the DVD included with Take It Home)

Introduction to Take It Home (2.7 MB PDF)
Take It Home Event Descriptions and Suggested Resources

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